About Us

Lee Hammond Water Users Association owns and operates a potable water distribution system in San Juan County.  We are one of ten rural water user groups that serve the majority of the population in the unicorporated areas of San Juan county.  We are recognized by the State of New Mexico and the Environmental Protection Agency as a certified water supplier and are responsible for delivering quality water to our customers in the most economical means possible.  The service area covered is 8 miles along U.S. Highway 64 on the north and south sides of the highway from Farmington to Bloomfield and south of the San Juan River to the east and west of US 550 in the area known as the Hammond about 15 miles.

Lee Hammond Water Users Association was incorporated August 17, 1967 as Lee Acres Water Users Association.  Design and construction began in 1969, was completed, and placed in service in 1970.  Water was purchased from City of Farmington and the City of Bloomfield for distribution to Lee Acres members until 1998.  In 1998, Lee Acres Water Users Association and West Hammond Water Users Association joined forces to build the Lee Hammond Water Treatment Plant which is capable of producing 1.5 million gallons of quality water daily.  The reservoir has a holding capacity of 77.4 acre-feet of water which is pumped from the San Juan River.  We can also purchase water from the City of Bloomfield in case of an emergency.

West Hammond Domestic Water Users was started in 1970 by 8 farmers and expanded to serve more than 3000 people.  They originally purchased treated drinking water from the City of Bloomfield until 1998.  They provided leadership and direction along with Lee Acres Water during the contruction of the Lee Hammond Water Treatment plant, and after its commissioning were instrumental in the successful operation of the plant.

In 2021, after much debate and meetings, the boards of West Hammond Domestic Water and Lee Acres Water voted unanimously to merge the three public water systems.  On February 16, the membership of all 3 voted to merge at a special joint meeting the ballots were counted. 

Lee Hammond Water Users Cooperative Association serves a population of approximately 8700 and consists of a raw water storage reservoir, a surface water treatment plant, eight pump stations, 7 storage tanks, and approximately 95 miles of distribution lines.  

Lee Hammond Service Area